Sunday, August 12, 2012

Is New York the Greenest City?

I was watching a program on television the other day and a guy made a remark that New York City is the greenest city in the USA simply because of one thing. Less people own cars and walk to work, shopping, eating out, entertainment, etc. He says that this one statistic makes New York much more green than any other large city. Is this true?

According to Popsci, 54% of all New Yorkers take public transportation and because of this, it has climbed up to the 20th greenest city in the USA. The next best metropolis is Washington D.C. and it comes in 17% lower than NYC. Of course, this is Popsci's rankings. Popsci says that public transportation is the most important thing that brings New York City up in the rankings. Let's see why it is not #1.

Popsci gives cities scores according to electricity use, recycling, green living, and transportation. Although New York City ranks a perfect 10 on transportation, it sadly comes in low in all other areas. If NYC wants to become the top green city, I suggest an initiative to educate people on green living and recycling.

Come on New York City. You outlawed soft drink refills. You can make your residents recycle.