Friday, May 20, 2011

Using Grey Water in Your Garden - Is It Safe?

Grey water is water that is from your house, such as water from the washing machine, bath, or shower.  It does not include water from a toilet.  Many people have hooked up systems that divert grey water away from the sewer and out into the yard or garden.  This is an outstanding way to save resources since the water is used twice instead of just once, but is it safe?  Exactly, is it safe for a garden?

Not all grey water is safe to use on a garden.  For instance, grey water containing any kind of bleach or baron compounds should never be used on a garden.  Baron compounds are found in most dishwasher waste water.  In fact, it is best to avoid using grey water for edible crops in a garden but if you do, it would be best to use it on the soil of crops which have only the edible part above ground.

You should never use grey water with a sprinkler or in drip sprinkler systems.  The reason for this is because impurities could clog the sprinklers and it is best to not get grey water on edible plants above ground.  Furthermore, it is best to rotate the use of fresh water and grey water to avoid building up a high sodium soil content.

If you have the desire to really become green, using grey water is a real "green" thing to do.  Give it a try.